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tv   Headline News  RT  June 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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facebook. an egyptian court confirms the largest mass death sentence in the country's recent history with almost two hundred muslim brotherhood members to be executed including the group's spiritual leader. the russian border checkpoint comes under ukrainian army shelling even as a ceasefire is declared but moscow says the peace plan looks more like an ultimatum . the price of the world's most expensive jet just went up years behind schedule and billions over budget the f. thirty five is trashed by the designer of one of america's most iconic fighter planes. the rich in the poll is now launching this country but it was like queen victoria. thousands of britons march
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on parliament demanding an end to the cuts they believe have brought the countries of poor and middle classes to their. broadcasting live coverage from our studios in moscow this is our thomas glad to have you with us now an egyptian court has upheld death sentences handed down to almost two hundred muslim brotherhood members they are accused of attacking a police station in two thousand and thirteen soon after president mohamed morsi was ousted the draconian sentences have sparked international outrage as true reports. well egypt is bracing itself for possible further violence and at the very least mass street demonstrations by the families now this case has sparked local and international aprile to john's reportedly only had one session before he
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sentenced dozens to dash but he refused to listen to eyewitnesses. to any evidence so he sat me down has been some questions raised about the galatea of the trial and that's what the difference now is that going forward they say they will appeal the verdict and hope that it will be overturned on the grounds that the judge behaved in the daily caller this is coming in the background of a crackdown against them is about to hit the state blames the group which they found for a lot of the violence across the country they say it's a terrorist organization the mission brotherhood for their part say they are remaining peaceful and will hold demonstrations against this verdict without any violence now egypt's new president i don't because he has promised peace and unity in the country however is yet to be seen how that's going to happen when we have very controversial court cases and death sentences like they say we'll have to see in the coming few weeks where the egypt will be able to get through this huge pressure was put on the muslim brotherhood after a military coup in two thousand and thirteen the new government resorted to death sentences for those accused of extremism as
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a method of intimidation now human rights groups say that almost twenty one thousand people have been imprisoned since july and in april nearly seven hundred people were convicted to death and a preliminary hearing although less than a third of those sentences were upheld a month earlier a court ordered the execution of more than five hundred prisoners but the same judge later confirmed only around forty of those death sentences hugh miles an award winning journalist and author thinks the latest ruling will provoke more violence in the country. the protests continue to. be very tough environment here many people have been arrested because they're they've been diminished but they continue to be in remote areas become very good i think the real effect of this ruling is to push young people into the arms of extremist great . republican brotherhood and it's going to. not getting much political by and seen by young people so one democratically but
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then the population away from the result is the people she's going to win by. getting results if you like and coming up we headed to iraq where a million people have been displaced by an insurgency sweeping through the country this according to the u.n. and it is feared that that number will continue to grow as is one with militants and iraqi security forces battle for control later in the program we'll bring you the latest developments and details. a russian border guard has been injured after a frontier checkpoint with ukraine it was shelled this is despite the peace plan signed by the ukrainian president which includes a week long cease fire now it's not clear who exactly was responsible for the attack of the incident took place as self-defense forces clashed with government
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troops in the country's east r.t. spoke to a witness who wanted to help people who are crossing from ukraine so i went to the border to offer my assistance there were lots of children in the refugee camp and i brought them sweets to cheer them up i had the gun far as i was coming up to the border people were screaming and running there was several gunshots it was very scary to see women and children crying for some time and when i came back to the checkpoint was on fire. during the fighting around eighty ukrainian border guards fell back into russian territory where they asked for shelter six of them were wounded all have now been safely headed back to ukraine according to the countries that border officials one anti-government leader was said has said that they will be allowed to return to duty at the front here. i mean while russia has a put some sixty five thousand troops on alert to check their readiness for action they are taking part in a week of drills in the center of the country. russian president
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vladimir putin has lent his support to the ukrainian leaders peace plan which includes a cease fire but he said of the strategy is unlikely to work with no clear steps towards opening negotiation with the opposition in the country's east and russia's foreign minister shares the president's concerns you just it's a peace plan has a number of votes and made some light demands it lacks the most important thing the negotiations and that's a radical step away from the geneva agreement which he supports is in there it's all work at least. as including the u.s. the e.u. and the ukrainian authorities coal miners and workers in eastern ukraine are taking up arms and swearing allegiance to the self-proclaimed republic they say they don't trust president poroshenko peace plan. was at the ceremony which saw the new members sworn into the ranks.
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only a matter of weeks ago these men were digging for their country today they're taking up arms against it these miners are the latest recruits for the uniformed fishel army of the self-proclaimed people's republic of donetsk. just yesterday we were all wearing mine is uniforms and mining calls today we join the ranks of the militia to protect our motherland and i loved ones and to stop the killings of children women and the elderly the defense force has been quickly drawn together in a bid to counter the government's crackdown on the eastern provinces even before the troubles began these men had made repeated complaints to kiev about were conditioned low wages and the money from the wealthy industrial region going straight to the central authorities. but now those very authorities are firing shells at them the miners say they have no choice but to defend their families. as
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it were given ultimatum to the key of june to offer its punitive actions will give them a day to stop the crackdown two days to withdraw troops it appears the word coal miners doesn't mean anything to them but unlike them we miners and are making good in our words then you to create it armed forces have only the most basic of equipment munitions for most sport but when it comes to defending their loved ones they're ready to use whatever it takes the coal miners have made good on their promise to leave work and pick up arms in case present a partial go does not stop the operation of within twenty four hours today here on and then a square in donetsk. soldiers gave an oath of allegiance to the people's republic of donetsk roman coffer a party that's ukraine. months of military action has forced to tens of thousands to flee to neighboring russia hundreds are queued at the border seeking shelter in refugee camps and you can hear some of them there. stories at r.t.
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dot com. to other news now you can meet the world's most expensive weapon the four hundred billion dollar f. thirty five an aircraft whose price tag just went even higher thanks to additional funding plagued by delays massive cost overruns and bloated bureaucracy the jets left even its top backers somewhat underwhelmed and had to cover the price of the plane it is now being touted to foreign buyers as artie's marina explains. the f. thirty five stealth fighter jet is the crime to look ram of military planes. and the pentagon's most expensive conventional weapons program it's a game changer the f. thirty five fighter jet is manufactured by lockheed martin combining state of the art technology with highly advanced avionics and maneuverability the pentagon plans to buy nearly twenty five hundred f. thirty five c.
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but delays and cost increases have left u.s. lawmakers frustrated over the three hundred eighty five billion dollar price tag and that's where america's allies come in. lockheed martin has turned to international partners at least eight foreign contracts are on the table but none have a final price tag so far canada's latest calculations have only proved that the cost will be at least ten billion dollars higher than expected experts suggest f. thirty five are something of a gamble for everyone involved there's never been anything anywhere near as expensive and the entire process is one in which the costs can only go. the other problem is that the more they spend in the more the united states and the manufacturer and now a whole bunch of other countries become invested more they have to go ahead in any of these countries that want to be a couple of years feel that they have no choice boosting demand from foreign
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investors is believed to be essential for the pentagon and lockheed martin why because the more f. thirty five are produced the cheaper each jet is to build and maintain her in a porsche nine. now the f. thirty five has suffered one set back after another in the most recent case the entire fleet was grounded and testing suspended after one of the planes suffered an oil leak now the engines are not the only area where this aircraft is suffering some problems in fact as you can see here the plane has been suffering well documented cracks from nose to tail the pentagon even stopped it from flying within forty kilometers of a thunderstorm out of fears its fuel tank could explode if struck by lightning and we spoke to the man who helped design the iconic f. sixteen and a ten aircraft and he had little good to say about the f. thirty five it's one of the worst airplanes we've ever designed. for
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a lot of reasons but the most important reason is that it was compromised by having to do three different jobs you can never make a good airplane if you don't focus on a single a single mission and then they made it even worse price saying that we saved money by giving it up among three services so now you have three missions pulling the airplane in different directions and now you have three services three bureaucracies adding their parochial point of view of the airplane it was a complete mess and mind you this is the most expensive single project that the that the defense department has ever undertaken. now distain it for a promotional campaign coming up the u.s. offers hard. to gain support for its trade agreement with europe but gets only a stream of sarcasm and condemnation. and the ugly side of the beautiful game later we sort fact from fiction surrounding the infamous hooligan antics of
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a russia football fans. thousands of britons are marching on parliament demanding an alternative to austerity among the protesters are politicians celebrities and union leaders all upset with the blanket austerity imposed by london. reports from among the crowd. it will be until stirred see protesters making their way to central london at the moment you take a look behind me you can see the crowds that it turns out i don't use a full day for it but a very serious message from the you see taken to london please now the people who gathered today protesting against government cars and if you take a look at some of the signs there's a whole range of the city's everything from education good job to the other and what they really are asking for the outsider to have to start a real terms look for the u.k.
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has being to do all that people here say but they see no real benefit in their living standards and that's what they want to see they know we're on our take course up in the crowd we were in james he's a member but he also remembered to try to make sense of exactly what the hot seat today is all about the longest running living son this is queen victoria sat on the throne in the eighty seven seas over a million workers driven into poverty since the claim that cameron levin where you have an army of zero. people stripped of job security is also to finish the fight for a living wage fight for housing fight voices rights fight for public ownership of the banks to tax justice against tax avoidance and so on and that's really at the heart of this was the government will say the economy has been only up that has been improving but a lot of people here say that they've seen as a result of the cuts that have been voted to give the economy a living standards and for the so you see the stories you're going to hear today as people have taken to the street the central lines of the protest against austerity
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. now more news coming your way including the deadly clashes in iraq between government troops and islamic extremists who are marching towards the capital baghdad stay with us. eugenics was eugenics vulgarized darwin science punishment for an uncommitted crying i was sterilized when none could believe in eighty feebleminded still today for the few i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing not going to go to the point of death. for years rarely discussed. till now i'd really rather not talk about that right.
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to speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of p.r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in trying. to find out more visit our big. dog called. and welcome back you're watching our team international now if you can't convince them just offer cold hard cash that's what the u.s. government is doing promising large rewards to anyone who can come up with ways of promoting an unpopular trade pact with europe but the campaign hasn't worked out as planned as artie's peter oliver explains. the united states has been accused of
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a cynical propaganda campaign after a tweet originated from its embassy just behind me here. this tweet was with regard to the transatlantic trade and investment partnership between europe and the united states now the tweet was offering up to twenty thousand u.s. dollars for any projects people could come up that would protect the treat deal in a good light snow it has come in for some scathing criticism from people here in europe mostly because of worries over a decrease in standards the standards for products in europe are far higher than they are in the united states also on workers' rights as well now this is seen environmentalist environmentalists trade unions and health campaign is all railing against this trade deal to put that into perspective of the public opinion here in europe when it comes to the environment ninety six percent of germans say they have
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faith in european environmental regulation well only two percent believe in regulations inforced in the united states has also been controversy surrounding genetically modified foods not liked here in europe people have demonstrated against them however there is concern that because of u.s. labeling laws they could inadvertently become into the european markets so all of these things the same criticism all of this well it's kind of backfired they have come in for far more criticism online because of this. our web team is working to bring you the latest news online for you right now a takeoff to disaster more than four hundred american drones around of the world have crashed with each accident caused millions of dollars worth of damage that's according to the washington post you can find out more on our web site. also japan may have failed to score during their latest world cup match but their fans have
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left a lasting impression on brazil by keeping stadiums spotlessly clean you can get the full story and our teeth dot com. seventeen militants have been killed in iraq after fighting broke out between iraqi government forces and islamist radicals from the isis terror group that's as the country finds itself on the brink of a severe humanitarian crisis with the u.n. saying more than one million iraqis have already fled their homes and the number of refugees is only expected to grow isis which wants to establish an islamic state spending several countries is already in control of large parts of iraq including the second largest city mosul and it is now closing in on baghdad as well meanwhile the first of three hundred u.s. military advisers promised by washington to aid the iraqi security forces are due to arrive later on sunday but mideast expert joshua landis believes the u.s.
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is reluctant to push this too far in the view of catastrophic results of the two thousand and three invasion you can watch the full interview in worlds apart tomorrow right here on our t.v. here is a taste of this entire crisis episode shows the incredible strategic blunder of president george w. bush in in attacking iraq and casting down the cities from the top of society to the bottom destroying the state of iraq which kindled this sectarian struggle the united states is debating today about how much support. to give to maliki many people believe that he is too sectarian that if america supports him it will offend sudanese turn to send the world against the united states and alienate our support in the gulf therefore they are very reluctant to get in with direct military support they would like to get the diplomats on the ground to begin negotiating as they did during the occupation. meanwhile several hundred people have rallied in
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washington d.c. this week as part of a nationwide antiwar campaign iraqis who have made us their home join with other activists to denounce any possible american military intervention to support of the government in baghdad here's what some of the protesters told r.t. . you could not solve the country's problems by bombing our droning on and we know that we've known that for at least three decades in iraq for military advisers . can. be you know i just went for my women it was our top five. that's how ours are it's very. very hard and no one i mean no to the us war machine can not do anything constructive in this situation you can only worsen this is your way of looking at punishing several nations for abusive or insulting behavior from their fans at the
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world cup and russian supporters are one of the groups singled out parties oleksiak chefs he takes a look now at how russian football hooliganism has changed over the years. showing support for your team in russia could mean this this. or this. when it was your first in one thousand nine hundred eighty when spotlight was playing cisco in moscow we had a huge fight right blue warriors came up against us there was more than eight hundred people involved in a brawl but you know and that is just one of the fights i see described now a retired hooligan he says fan culture has changed massively in russia you know if you a stereotype of an english football hooligan or an italian ultras is no longer applied to us we went our own way now there are no loud criminal cases against hulett guns
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compared to the ninety's back in the soviet days football was considered one of the nation's sprites history's best goalkeeper left us and the team which won the first ever european championship and the police of revolutionary managers with the break up of the soviet union football just as many other spheres of life suffered a major setback it may be a coincidence but along with these problems came whole again isn't. it's still unclear what caused this surge in violence but in recent years russian hooligans have remained visible from violent pitch invasions to mass treat rallies and racist incidents involving swastikas in the stands near nazi views and as you know phobia are among the most debated issues back in twenty ten when a fan was killed during fighting in moscow that escalated into ethnic violence thousands of ultras made themselves heard right outside the walls of the kremlin. politically motivated people have always been close to find groups not only have a propagandized the culture of violence but they explained why this violence was
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needed that's why i know c.v.s. are popular there because force and violence are the bases of naziism and fascism but former hooligan and founder of russia's largest planned movement developed at the nih of believes the issue is often blown up in the press and problems are usually solved even before they appear. who spearheaded events at the my down in ukraine some of them are in the national guard now so potentially this is a very dangerous part of society but are all thorgils are pursuing a very clever strategy with who live in communities so there's no danger from them in russia these fights happen every weekend but no one knows if they happen out of town in forests and strictly upon agreement. the twenty thirteen movie tells the story of a firm of hooligans consisting partially of white collar workers where death and destruction rub shoulders with love and friendship one of its characters keeps asking the question why do you fight us but with all of.
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the movies slogan is we can not change real life has proven they can insist of a sealy it's just a matter of whether the rest of the world will be happy with this evolution of the russian fan culture when the country hosts the next world cup in twenty eight. moscow. coming up next on our hour documentary about the horrific history of genetic experiments on humans dating back to the nazi era and for those of you in the u.k. our show sputniks stay with us you're watching r.t. . recently four hundred high level russian officials including duma members were someone for a three day military training event that would include the use of various different weapons and alexis about stay of the russian military the stated objective of all
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of this was to make the average soldiers in the army aware of the patriotic attitudes of those who can order them off to fight in theory this is a good idea but the reality is this kind of reeks that sweet stench of an empty p.r. stunt this is not nearly enough to convince the average grunt that the guys in power care about him as far as i understand it in the military they want to push people to break down their psychology and boot camp so they can make new better tougher more patriotic people and obedient ones as well the sort of cutesy who we can camp will not have any psychological effect these politicians and to be honest i think bureaucrats the world over have it too easy their lives are too comfortable haeckel the duma deputies have these nice leather chairs and they have gold watches and assistants and all that stuff i think that the duma deputies had to suffer through a military health for one month out of the year the corrupt comfort obsessed weaklings might get squeezed out of the system this training for the elite is a good idea but it needs to be done right and brutal but that's just my opinion.
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right. now i. want to focus on the side street.
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as if this were to ask you a question of you heard about the story for you. know. a general story you know you know the realization program and stories are passed on know by now jerry and what's going on if you heard about the unusual next program or so starring ization smith you know how devoted you know they are and what do you what do you want what have you heard about to oh i don't know i don't know him you don't know exactly. sorry eugenics yet but eugenics because that's a question. i was. thirteen and i was molested. i got
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pregnant. the social worker came over and she had my grandmother to sign a consent to. the welfare department and to my grandmother to if she did the samples papers she would not receive supplements for. my grandmother signed the aunt's. name when they took my son they sterilized me at the same time. normally. you know narrow thinking i'm trying to ask myself why did they wait since my body was so young you know and nobody was really to have a baby you know my body was already traumatized from the delivery or often the rape. they didn't even say anything to me and. you know my grandmother didn't understand.


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